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SAFFRON 1oz/ 28.35gms. collectible box

SAFFRON 1oz/ 28.35gms. collectible box

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This product comes filled with 1 oz/28.35 grams of hand-picked saffron threads and is carefully packaged in this beautiful collectible box. Spanish Saffron is known to be the gold spice. It’s the product of the crocus flower that adds not only pungent aromatic flavor to foods but also a vibrant color. The Saffron filaments, or threads, are the dried stigmas of the saffron flower, “Crocus Sativus Linneaus”. Each flower contains only three stigmas. Each thread must be picked from each flower by hand, and MORE THAN 75,000 of these flowers are needed to produce just one pound of Saffron filaments, making it the world’s most precious spice. The flowers are harvested by hand on the day of bloom and dried quickly and preserved in airtight containers. Due to saffron’s excellent ability for coloring and flavoring, it can be used sparingly. Saffron is used both for its bright orange-yellow color and for its strong exotic aroma.


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