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Benefits of Green Chilies

Green chilies are popularly used as a spice mainly in Indian cooking. They enhance the taste, smell and flavor of the food. Apart from their tangy nature, they are loaded with vitamins, iron and other nutrients. Here are a few benefits of green chilies:

  1. Boost metabolism: Green chilies in spices come with zero calories. Along with this they also speed up the metabolism and burn out the excess fat present in the body. Hence help with weight loss. Bebes Green chilly
  2. Skincare: Vitamin C present in green chilies helps your skin glow. The vitamin is amazing for skin and makes your skin healthy and glowing.
  3. Aids in digestion: Vitamin C present in green chilies helps in better digestion of food. Since green chilies also stimulate your salivary glands and push them to release more saliva, thus they also help in breaking down food. This also helps in digestion.
  4. Good for diabetes: People with diabetes should have green chilies as it helps you decrease and regulate your body sugar levels.
  5. Reduces stress: Having green chilies induces the body to release endorphins which is the happiness hormone. Once the hormone is secreted, it reduces the stress and makes you feel relaxed.
  6. Keeps you cool: Capsaicin present in green chilies lowers your body temperature. Green chilies thus help in keeping you cool. It is because of this reason that people coming from hot regions usually have green chilies. Green chilly
  7. Natural source of iron: Green chilies can be a very good natural source of iron of vegetarians as it is loaded with iron.

These numerous benefits of green chilies have pushed us to include green chilies in Bebe’s All Natural masala. Our cheap masalas have the adequate amount if green chilies to make sure that you get optimum benefits of the ingredient and help you cook your food faster.

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