bebesallnatural Baingan(Eggplant) Masala with Orignal Masala

bebesallnatural Baingan(Eggplant) Masala with Orignal Masala

bebesallnatural Baingan Masala or Eggplant Masala is a popular recipe from North India. This recipe consists of curry with the base of onion and tomato.
This recipe is suitable for both lunch and dinner. You can have it with Roti, Naan or even Jeera rice!

Heat oil in a pan. Add baingan to the pan. Sautee them all for 10 to 15 mins.
In a separate pan add @bebesallnatural
Original Masala & heat it for five minutes & pour the hot masala over the sautéed eggplants!
Your delicious quick meal recipe with @bebesallnatural Original Masala !
enjoy it with Naan , Roti , Parathas or Rice!
make it super healthy eat it with Quinoa!

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